Linda came highly recommended to me from a friend who had used her service a number of times. She came through as expected for me and I will absolutely go to her again, if needed.

Highly recommended!

-Brad G., March 2, 2022

When it's time to call an attorney for a traffic ticket it's probably not a good thing for the driver. Lol. Linda was great from start to finish. Very informative and understanding of traffic laws and what to ask for. I was fortunate to have my case dismissed with her efforts. Highly recommend.

Linda was great from start to finish!

-Collin H., July 1, 2022

Beyond impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness from Linda Iannelli. Day one, she told me she doesn't like to lose, I can tell you from personal experience she's a winner! Tenacious, Intelligent, Brilliant. She is the best of the best! I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

She is the best of the best!

-Brad G., March 2, 2022

I had gotten a +101 mph ticket in Mono County. Bottom Line - It was all my fault and I deserved the ticket. I had spoken to several other companies and was quite discouraged - They were all pay first then we will see what we can do. Finally a friend suggested I call Linda. She called me within 15 mins, made no promises but was confident she could help. Linda and her staff were very professional & responsive. My case took a few months but I couldn't have expected a better outcome. I greatly appreciate the attention, effort, & time everyone spent to resolve my case.

I greatly appreciate the attention!

-Debbie C., September 17, 2018

Had a consult with her and she answered all the questions that I asked about what to do with my traffic ticket. Then I went to traffic court today, and my traffic citation was Dismissed!
All of her advices on what to do with my traffic court day really helped me a lot.
If you are looking for an Attorney, she is the right person for you.
I will definitely (100%), recommend her to anyone.

Double Thumbs Up!

-Lorenzo, August 25, 2017

Linda provided me with excellent information about my traffic issue on a consultation call and she was very helpful and friendly and I would definitely use her services.

-Anonymous, July 13, 2017

I cannot say enough about Linda and her amazing staff. They are so professional, they keep you updated on the status of your case and they get the job done! Thank you so much!

Linda is the BEST

-Anonymous, July 13, 2017

I hired Linda to help me with a traffic violation that would suspend my license. She went above and beyond to get the charges dismissed. I would absolutely recommend Linda to anyone with major traffic violations. Very professional,

A+ Highly recommend

-Greg, February 1, 2017

I got a traffic ticket. I wanted to use a lawyer on this matter. Linda worked very hard for me and I appreciate her work. I am glad I hired her and had this experience with her.

Handled traffic ticket

-David, December 30, 2016

One of my trucks was given a 3 count ticket in Santa Monica. By his conversation I don't think the inspection technician had a practical understanding of what constitutes a safe truck. Anyway, Linda went to bat for me twice in Santa Monica and apparently dazzled the court into turning a $1400.00 ticket into $222.00. This is the second time I've hired Linda and very pleased both times. She is and will remain my one and only attorney.

-Stanley, December 11, 2016

I received a traffic violation - speeding detected by radar. By internet search was introduced to Linda. The result - I was introduced to the most exceptional, knowledgeable, professional, detailed, conscientious attorneys... Ms. Linda lannelli; the introductory process was efficientthe service was exceptional and over the top. My compliments - Linda understands the Legal System and most importantly the Justice System. Thank You for your time and expert service, Paul

-Paul, a traffic violation, Hired attorney October 2016

I had two cases dismissed. She executed all the steps competently, in a timely manner and well organized. I strongly recommend her.

-Ichiro, November 18, 2016

My son got a ticket the SS freeway 5 O'Clock in the morning on his 1990 civic. The police officer wrote on the ticket that he was going 90+. I wasn't buying that I really think the police officer wanted to take advantage of this. So I was searching around for a traffic attorney who can really help me with this case. I found Linda lannelli who got lots of experience fighting this injustice case and got perfect reviews so I gave her a call. I expressed my situation and Linda calmly explained that something she could help. She also explained that there's no guarantee but shell do her best to get a dismissed. The fee was very reasonable and my son didn't have to be in court and missing school. Linda was hired. I was informed every step of the process. Linda got my son's case dismiss in just a few weeks. Many thanks to you and your team, Linda. You're a lifesaver

-Vannak, October 28, 2016

Last year, I received a traffic citation (VC 22349a) for allegedly going 69 mph in a 40 mph zone in La Habra. This was only the second citation have ever received and the first have ever fought. I was going down a long, steep incline at the time the officer supposedly clocked me on the radar. I did not even see him untill got to the bottom.

When he stopped me, he was blunt and rude with me, as most cops are, but said very little and did not argue. He probably assumed that I was not going to fight this ticket, but just could not let it go. I regretted not fighting my first ticket (which I am sure could have won if I had known about Lindal) and I did not want to regret not fighting this one, so that is when searched for traffic attorneys online. I found Linda lannelli and read her reviews. It is easy to think, "5 stars all around? Hmmm, maybe it is too good to be true?" but trust me, she is definitely worthy of 5 stars and more!

I gave her a call and she discussed my options with me. She did not guarantee anything, but her drive, professionalism, and determination were very apparent. I thought her pricing was reasonable since it was less than my ticket. I said, "Okay, let's do it" and was confident about my odds, but also nervous because I had never fought a ticket before. My nerves would lead me to call or email Linda. She would get back to me within a short time and patiently answered any questions. never felt rushed when speaking to her, which was really nice. I was updated on my case throughout the process. I did not have to be present in court, but Linda called me the day before my court date to check in and discuss her plans. She sounded very well prepared She called me the next day to happily inform me that my case was dismissed if you choose Linda to represent you, you are in great hands
Over the Top - Exceptional - detailed - knowledgeable - professional service - 5.0 stars

-Brittney O. Whittier, a traffic citation, July 2016

I hired Linda to help me with a speeding ticket I had in Orange County. She not only made the ticket disappear, but in the process she gave me a great service. She always replied to my phone calls and emails in a reasonable time. I am very happy with the whole outcome of the case. I would definitely recommend her to anybody with a traffic offense in the Orange County Area.
Over the Top - Exceptional - detailed - knowledgeable - professional service - 5.0 stars

-Sid, a speeding ticket client, Hired attorney July 2016

I got a red light camera ticket in Laguna Woods a few years back (the old El Toro/Moulton camera). found Linda on-line and engaged her to challenge the ticket on procedural grounds (in other words, I knew rolled through the red light and took a right without stopping, but really didn't want a point on my license)
Linda went over all my options and then went to work on the prosecutor. Within a month or so, she was able to have the points waived without me having to waste time in traffic school. That was exactly what I wanted found Linda to be honest, hardworking and a great person (as well as a great lawyer).
Great Attorney - 5.0 stars

-D.L., a red light ticket, Hired attorney April 2016

Most lawyers are robotic, prone to dishonesty, nearly impossible to reach and are weighed down with a phalanx of inept self-serving out-of-touch egotistical screeners. Not Linda Amidst her very busy schedule, she manages to return her calls promptly. Generally speaking, in Society, it is far more rare to find an honest person than it is common. It is as if everywhere we turn and no matter where we turn, there's far more dishonesty coupled with greed to be found than Honesty. Therefore, would recommend Linda to anyone. She is fast, reliable, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, caring and honest.... who could ask for more? I want to hire her.

-Anonymous, Hired attorney April 2016

Linda is excellent in her field, and knows traffic law better than most. Cannot tell you how much she has contributed to the community and to knowledge in the fields of criminal defense and traffic law.
Review of Lawyer Linda Alannelli-5.0 stars
-Robert M., Hired attorney March 2016

Linda is the best. I got in a mess when visiting San Diego a few months ago. She advised my options and then took care of my affairs until the best outcome was reached. She saved me the cost of an expensive plane ticket, the risk of screwing up my court appearance, and the overall headache of a misdemeanor traffic offense on my record. Highly recommend her.
-Joey H., a misdemeanor traffic offense, March 2016

Linda has helped me out with at least 3 tickets I've received over the past several years.
hired her for the first one on a day's notice - needed to be in court for a ticket the next day but because of work I wouldn't be able to attend and the court had been giving me the runaround all week and wouldn't let me reschedule. I saw her car in the courthouse parking lot with her advertisement on the back window the day before I was due in court. I called her from the parking lot and she sympathized with my feelings about the treatment was getting. I hired her on the spot. She appeared on my behalf the next day and got the charges dismissed.
If I remember correctly, ticket #2 was speeding over 100mph, which is more severe than a standard speeding ticket. I got the ticket while traveling to Vegas. The courthouse was summoned to was 2 hours away. Not having to personally show up to court was worth her fee on this one. She had a colleague negotiate with the police officer and got the ticket reduced to a standard speeding ticket, got the fine reduced and got an extension on the due date.
Ticket #3 - This is my favorite one. Linda spent over a year and ended up petitioning the court on my behalf to get the court to stop some of their shenanigans. in the end, the DA didn't have an excuse for the shenanigans and the case was dismissed.
-Chris C., a speeding ticket, Hired attorney March 2016

Linda is my go-to attorney for any west coast traffic issues. I got in a mess when visiting San Diego a few months ago, and she was able to help me navigate the courts, provide documentation, and organize my affairs without my being there in person. Overall, very fair and diligent attorney who can support you with traffic related offenses.
-Anonymous, Hired attorney March 2016

I was pulled over in Irvine for not coming to a complete stop. The officer even cited me for driving on a non-valid state license. I used to be a California resident and was only briefly in town to ship to my new home and sell my car. I never got a ticket in the mail as he stated would and called DMV who had nothing. The girl recommended calling Linda - best advice/referral ever! It turned out the cop tried to get me on a misdemeanor. I'm a single mom and on a budget. Linda was affordable, offered a payment arrangement and got my stop sign infraction dropped and the misdemeanor dropped. Not a single thing on my driving record. I changed my phone and number and lost her information. So Linda, THANK YOU highly recommend her to anyone
-Anonymous, Hired attorney February 2016

Linda was wonderful. I received 2 speeding tickets within the same month and Linda was able to take care of them with ease. I didn't have to do a thing. After paid a small fine, there were no points on my record or record of ever receiving those tickets. I would recommend Linda to anybody with a traffic citation.
-Nieman G, Hired attorney January 2016

I am So happy that I was referred to Linda. My Son received a high speeding ticket and we were very worried about the LONG term consequences of this ticket on his record. He was at risk of 2 points being on his record for 7 years, license suspension, etc. Linda was amazing, she knew exactly what to do and was very informative. She knows the law and is very well connected with our local Court, officers and judges which is a huge plus. She was extremely professional, easy to talk to and kept us up to date the entire time. She even followed up to make sure the case was closed and removed from his record afterward. I would highly recommend her
-Lisa N., Hired attorney January 2016

"Hire Linda if you want any sort of a fighting chance!"

-Charles, a Speeding Ticket client, April 2013

  • I recommend Linda Iannelli.  I hired Linda 1-6 months ago.
  • Linda handled my Speeding / Traffic Ticket matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.
"I have not had a point on my driving record in ten years but recently I received 4 tickets in the last year half. I did traffic school for first one, second one I went to judge and luckily had the fine lowered, the third speeding ticket I hired Linda Iannelli. It was a speeding by radar on the 241 toll road. Linda was able to get my speeding ticket dismissed and replaced it with another violation which did not cause a point on my record or did not show up even on my driving record at all. I am very happy with the outcome. Through my experience, I believe it comes down to what the judge ultimately wants to do. Thankfully Linda pleaded on my behalf to the judge because I didn’t really have any good reasons and was able to get this favorable outcome. If you have a ticket you really want to have a chance to fight, definitely I recommend hiring Linda, right now!!!"

-Nick, a Speeding Ticket client, January 2013

  • I recommend Linda Iannelli.
  • I hired Linda 1-6 months ago.
  • Linda handled my Speeding / Traffic Ticket matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.
"I am not a big writer but my son was charged with a reckless driving ticket just because he argued with Irvine Police officer who pulled him over. We had heard about Linda from a friend whose case was won by her and we took our case to her. She listened to us, analyzed the case, found cracks in the case and prepared a 12 page report that when I read it, I was confident that she was going to win it. Sure enough, the case was dropped by the DA and my son was happy to have his case dismissed. Of course my son learned his lesson by having to pay for the case himself. I would CERTAINLY recommend her."

-A Criminal Defense client, January 2013

  • I highly recommend Linda Iannelli.  
  • Linda handled my Criminal Defense and traffic infraction matters.   
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.
"I would always recommend Linda. She has saved me countless thousands of dollars; Hours away from work by not having to go to court and my driving record is clean. Thanks Linda!"

-Amber, a Speeding Ticket client, January 2013

"She has given me trustworthy advice as well as referred me to other exceptional attorneys when advice outside of traffic law was required.

If you want your ticket dismissed at Traffic Court - contact Ms. Iannelli"

-RSM, a Speeding Ticket client, July 2012

"Ms. Iannelli has the knowledge, the plans, the personality & the passion that are needed to win her cases.
Unfortunately the recent Southern California Traffic Court atmosphere is very unfavorable to the drivers. The conviction rate is close to 100% for self-defending drivers & even good lawyers lose cases, more with certain judges than with others. Ask people who recently had to go to Traffic Court or if you have free time, sit in for a few afternoon sessions - they always have a free chair for spectators. Expect to get shocked how the Officers always win. Not fair, but true. California needs money, ours!

I started my speeding ticket case on my own, but when it took an unfortunate turn due to the calendaring mistake of the Court, I contacted Ms. Iannelli to pick up the case. She did & she did so, on a very short notice. She didn’t promise 100% win, but she told me how many cases she defended against particular Citing Officer & against his Agency & the results were promising. She realistically explained that it was a harder than average case, due to specific department being well prepared.

My ticket wasn’t too expensive; it was more a principle for me – under no circumstances did I want to lose the case or go to Traffic School. From then on I always felt like a top priority case for her, which I was. Even though she handles many cases due to her excellent records, she takes care all of her clients well. She did everything that needed to be done, like changing the court date, requesting documents from Citing Officer & his Agency, showing up in person in front of the judge a few times, etc.

All this time she informed me on the details without me having to request it. She is reachable & personable. She knows exactly who you are, what your case is, where the case is standing; therefore all communications over the phone or via emails are to the point & specific. You never feel rushed to get off the phone. If she is right at the Court, she tells you so & lets you know when you can call her back.

She had my case dismissed of which she immediately informed me & I am very thankful.

There are many traffic attorneys out there, but if you want to win & decide to hire an attorney, go with the best!"

-A Speeding Ticket client, May 2012

  • I recommend Linda Iannelli.  
  • Linda handled my Speeding / Traffic Ticket matter.  
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.
"I found Linda on Avvo after getting a speeding ticket in San Juan Capistrano. Upon speaking with her she came off as very honest, and explained to me exactly what she could and could not do, what the best and worst outcome could be. The end result was exactly what i needed, and my case got dismissed. I can tell Linda was doing her best. I highly recommend her. If response is slow, do not worry. She is definitely busy working on your case."

"Linda recently defended me in a commercial traffic ticket that could have resulted in my license being suspended. She was able to work my case in a very professional manor and very quickly. I HIGHLY recommend if you need an attorney give Linda a call, I will, if I need a great attorney."

-Adam Hill, a Commercial client, August 24, 2011

"Ms Iannelli was referred to me by another attorney whom I consulted with several years ago. I contacted the original attorney because I knew he was a good honest attorney, so I asked him if he did not handle my type of case, please refer me. I am so happy I contacted Linda, she took care of everything and her fees were reasonable. Not only that, she is a straight shooter, what she said she could do, she delivered. She also provided me with email and was very responsive, letting me know when she would be out of town, and kept me informed of important dates, and she was right on time every step of the way. If I have a legal need, I will contact Linda first.

My case was a traffic violation that involved my commercial class B driver’s license with passenger endorsement. Violations booked against this type of license are much more strict and count as extra points, and no traffic school is permitted. So, if you contest these type of violations, you better win them. Get an attorney like Linda Iannelli and you will be victorious and grateful."

-James, a Speeding Ticket client, August 2011

"Hi Linda, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help on our case!  We couldn't have asked for a better outcome and we definitely couldn't have done this by ourselves. We truly appreciate your efforts and professionalism.  Thanks again!"


"Linda's help in overturning an unfair traffic conviction helped save my driving record and large increases to my insurance premiums. She acted ethically, assertively, and was highly knowledgeable in her field of practice, but what most impressed me is she took the time to explain the legal differences within my problem. Her personal relationships and passion for advocating what was right was very inspiring and I feel fortunate to have found her services. I'd highly recommend Linda's work for any traffic related legal concerns and I hope she expands her practice, because her methods are highly effective and she has potential for achieving more."

-Alan, a Transportation client, September 2010

“Linda is a smart, hardworking attorney. We collaborate on many cases. It is a pleasure working with her.”

-Andrew S. Roberts, Esq., February 21, 2010

“Linda recently represented me in South Orange County after I received a Red Light Camera Ticket. After hearing about several friends recently being unsuccessful at representing themselves, I decided to call Linda Iannelli, Esq. ( Linda has particular expertise when disputing these tickets. She obtained a complete dismissal. Needless to say, this was a phenomenal result obtained by a phenomenal lawyer. Thank you Linda!”

-Jon Olsen, hired Linda as an Attorney in 2011

“Linda is the consummate pro. She's absolutely at the top of her game in this field. She's got that "just right" combination of like ability and toughness... of wisdom and knowledge... of experience and energy... and it all combines to make her as successful as she is.

There are others in this field who make more noise about what they do in terms of marketing/advertising, but no one does the actual work better than Linda.”

-Steve Natt, hired Linda as an Attorney in 2010

“I would like to thank you for doing a great job on my ticket.   I really like the fact that you took the time to discuss my needs.  You came up with a plan which you implemented and got my ticket dismissed.  I could not ask for a better attorney, one that takes pride in her work and gave me 110%.  If I ever get another ticket in southern California, I would definitely call Linda to handle the ticket.  She is that good.  Thank you again.”

-A Transportation client, August 25, 2011

“I have had the pleasure of serving with Linda on the Board of Orange County Women Lawyers Assn. (OCWLA). She is detail-oriented, a go getter and one of my "go to" people when things need to get done. She is also a consummate professional.”

-Solange Ritchie, Civil Litigation Attorney, Law Offices of Steven R. Young, February 11, 2010

“Linda is sharp, intelligent and hard working. She is extremely resourceful and gives 100% of herself into everything she does.”

-Mark Bidwell, Attorney, Mark W. Bidwell, A Law Corporation, February 9, 2010

“I have been so very fortunate to meet many incredible people who have influenced and changed my life both personally and professionally. Linda is one of those individuals.

The more I get to know Linda, the more evident her tremendous enthusiasm, drive and professional demeanor shine. Linda is a trusted source anyone can turn to at any time because she is real beyond measure.

I recommend Linda to anyone in need of her business skills, legal or otherwise.

In summary, Linda would be the first person I would turn to.”

-Andrew McCormack, hired Linda as a Business Consultant in 2005

“Linda is one of the most successful graduates of WSU College of Law, where we were students. I've watched her build an excellent legal career based on integrity and professionalism. I would recommend her services without hesitation.”

-Jim Hayes, Student, Western State University College of Law, February 6, 2010

"Linda got us results far beyond what we hoped for. I would definitely recommend her."

-A Transportation client, September 2010

"I had a 2-point speeding ticket and contacted Linda to get help fighting it. I had documentation implying that I was traveling at a speed severely under the cited amount, however there was a high probability that I would still be convicted.

I have to admit that when I first contacted Linda I thought she was on the expensive side but decided if I could win it would be worth it - it was.

Linda kept me informed and took care of anything which was appreciated because I had a lot of questions! Overall I would defiantly recommend Linda and trust her to professionally handle any case she accepted."

-Aaron, a Speeding Ticket client, August 2010

"I was as cynical as can be when I was contacted by mail with a claim that Linda could have my Red Light Ticket dismissed regardless of my actual guilt or innocence. But true to her word, she did just that and my cost was less than half the bail amount. She did not guarantee but she led me through the entire process and everything went as she predicted. During the whole procedure she was responsive and highly professional. Great Experience in a world of bad ones."

-Bob, a Speeding Ticket client, July 2010

"Linda was reasonable, efficient, and successful. When I did not believe it was possible, she succeeded in getting my Laguna Woods Photo Red Light Citation dismissed. I did not even have to post bail. She kept me informed throughout the process. Linda is a Star!"

-Christopher, a Speeding Ticket client, January 2010

"Linda A. Iannelli has been my attorney (off and on) for the past 15 years. Not only is Linda very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to law (any kind of law) she is very honest. She makes sure that I understand everything pertaining to my cases. Excellent Results Very Knowledgeable."

-An Investment Fraud client, 2009

"Facing 2 points and possible license suspension, Linda quickly came to my aid for trial. Not guilty. She is friendly, compassionate, understanding and I would highly recommend her."

- A Speeding / Traffic Ticket Client, 2008