Ms. Iannelli’s practice is focused primarily on traffic and related infraction and misdemeanor defense. In the last three years, Ms. Iannelli has tried over 400 cases with a 98% win ratio. Ms. Iannelli was the first to prove that the City of Laguna Woods Automated Enforcement System (Red Light Camera System) violated California law in that the City’s contract with its provider contained a “cost neutrality” clause, which the Court considered void as against public policy. In the five months following, Ms. Iannelli obtained dismissals in over 100 similar cases.

Since that time, Ms. Iannelli has been a major force in fighting against the Laguna Woods Red Light Camera System. Ms. Iannelli also represents many commercial truck drivers on a variety of violations specific to the trucking and intermodal industry. Recently, Ms. Iannelli has won acquittals against several southland cities (Irvine, Norwalk, Fountain Valley) who are attempting to enforce speed regulations by way of active speed traps. Ms. Iannelli’s extensive knowledge of the vehicle codes and the state regulations regarding traffic control devices, together with her common sense, makes her an excellent traffic defense attorney.